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Requirements for PAG-IBIG Housing Buyers

“Requirements for PAG-IBIG Housing Buyers”

3 Major Classification of Buyers

A. Locally Employed (LE)
B. Self Employed (SE)
C. Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

A. Locally Employed Major Documents

  •  COEC – Certificate of Employment with Compensation
  • Payslips (Latest 3 months)
  • ITR – Income Tax Return
  • Valid Government ID’s

B. OFW Major Documents

  • COEC – Certificate of Employment With Compensation (Photo Copy and Original)
  • COE – Contract of Employment photocopy
  • Passport with Entries
  • Payslips (Latest 3 months)
  • Valid Visa
  • If Seafarer , needs Seaman’s Book with entries

C. Self Employed Major Documents

  • ITR (last 2 years )
  • FS -Financial Statements (last 2 years)
  • DTI Business Registration , Mayor’s Permit
  • SEC Registration (if Corporation)
  • Bank Statements for Last 6 months
  • List of Suppliers and Clients w/ Contact Nos.
  • Vehicle OR/ CR if transport Business
  • Other Major Documents
  • Proof of billing
  • Two valid identification card (ID)( for PB, CB & AIF)
  • Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate
  • Notarized / Consularized SPA (if OFW)
  • Post dated checks for downpayment and amortization (1 year)
  • Oath of Allegiance ( if Dual Citizen )
  • Certificate of Non Marriage – CENOMAR ( if with common law partner and with kids )

Minor Documents

  • 2 x 2 Pictures
  • Proof of remittances ( if OFW)
  • Affidavits (if Applicable) like support, intent to marry, former
    citizenship, waiver

Note: Please note that above list is just a guide, some  requirements may be added  by the Developer or by the Financing Institution where the loan is applied.


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